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The Cash Store Financial Services Inc. - Chapter 15 Proceedings

 Notice of Recognition Order November 30, 2015
 Order Granting Recognition and Related Relief November 25, 2015
 Notice of Filing and Hearing on Petition Seeking Recognition of Foreign Proceeding Pursuant to Chapter 15 of the United States Bankruptcy Code and Related Relief October 20, 2015
 Order Specifying Form and Manner of Service of Notice October 19, 2015
 Motion for Order Specifying Form and Manner of Service of Notice October 16, 2015
 Declaration of Kurt J. Elgie October 16, 2015
 List Filed Pursuant to Bankruptcy Rule 1007 (a)(4) October 16, 2015
 1515(c) Statement October 16, 2015
 Corporate Ownership Statement October 16, 2015
 Memorandum of Law October 16, 2015
 Verified Petition October 16, 2015
 Declaration of Ken Coleman in Support of Verified Petition for Foreign Recognition Proceeding and Related Relief October 16, 2015

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