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Tercon Investments Ltd - Court Orders

The following Court Orders have been granted in the proceedings:

 Receiver's Discharge Certificate July 4, 2016
 Order providing for Discharge of Receiver on filing of Certificate of Completion December 13, 2013
 Order Made After Application September 12, 2013
 Order Made After Application April 11, 2013
Order granting permission to the Receiver to make payments to HSBC Bank Canada and also once determined on each of the accepted lien amounts from the FGMI Receivable upon receipt by the Receiver.
 Order Made After Application (Claims Procedure Order) March 21, 2013
Order approving and detailing the Claims Procedure protocol
 Order Made After Application March 13, 2013
Order detailing an amendment to the Third Party Trustee Deposit Agreement between The Bowra Group ('trustee') and the Receiver.
 Order Made After Application- Approval and Vesting Order March 5, 2013
Order declaring the approval of the purchase of the buy-out equipment by the Receiver as well as the sale of these assets to Ritchie Bros. Auctioneers as contemplated by the Asset Purchase and Sale Agreement dated Feb 26, 2013
 Order Made After Application February 28, 2013
Order made after application declaring (i) FTI Consulting's ability to file an application for a bankruptcy order against Tercon Equipment Ltd. (ii) the stay of proceedings is lifted for the purpose of filing the above mentioned bankruptcy order
 Distribution Order January 21, 2013
Order made after application: allowing the Receiver to file an Assignment in Bankruptcy with the Bowra Group Inc. ('trustee') on behalf of the debtors and detailing the coordination of activities between the Receiver and Trustee.
 Bankruptcy Co-Ordination Order January 21, 2013
Order made after application detailing:i) the Receiver's ability to establish various Reserve Accounts using the proceeds from the Asset Sale and Purchase Agreement with Ritchie Bros. and authorizing the Receiver to make distributions from these accounts without Court approval.ii)the HSBC distribution authorizing the Receiver to distribute funds to HSBC Bank Canada as Senior Secured Creditors iii) the Receiver's obligation to provide all persons with a lien or security a Property Claim Notice.
 Order Made After Application, Approval and Vesting Order January 15, 2013
Order approving (i) the Asset Purchase and Sale Agreement between the Receiver as Vendor and Ritchie Bros. as Purchasers, with respect to the Equipment and Miscellaneous Property of Tercon and (ii) the proposed protocol for the recovery by third-party lessors or financiers of specific pieces of equipment held by Tercon.
 Receivership Order December 14, 2012
Receivership Order made after application appointing FTI Consulting Canada Inc. as the Receiver of all the assets, undertakings, and property of the listed Debtors and detailing the powers and duties of the Receiver.

For additional information please contact the Receiver:
Phone: 416-649-8048
Toll Free: 1-855-649-8048
Fax: 416-649-8101

TD Waterhouse Tower
79 Wellington Street West
Suite 2010, P.O. Box 104
Toronto, Ontario M5K 1G8

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