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Sears Canada Group - Litigation Trustee's Reports

 Litigation Trustee Order December 3, 2018
 Endorsement of Hainey J - Litigation Trustee Order and Governance Protocol Order December 3, 2018
 Motion Record of the Litigation Investigator (Appointment of Litigation Trustee, Lifting of Stay, and Other Relief) November 21, 2018
 Brief Authorities of the Litigation Investigator November 20, 2018
 Factum of the Litigation Investigator November 20, 2018
 Litigation Investigator's Supplement to the First Report November 16, 2018
The purpose of this supplementary report is to provide the Court with information regarding:
a) further detail about the Hon. Douglas Cunningham, Q.C., the proposed Litigation Trustee;
b) the LI's expectation that the claim of the Litigation Trustee will be based on the same facts as set out in the Monitor's Draft Statement of Claim (attached to the Monitor's Twenty-Seventh report), although the final decision on the claim will be the Litigation Trustee's;
c) confirmation that in the course of the review of documents described in the First Report, the LI was not provided with, and did not review, any Potentially Shared Privileged Documents (as defined in the Amended Litigation Investigator Order); and
d) a revised draft order to correct some oversights contained in the draft order attached to the First Report.
 Litigation Investigator's First Report November 05, 2018
The purpose of this first report is to provide the Court with information regarding:
a) the work done by the LI to discharge its Mandate under the LI Order;
b) the LI's recommendation of a course of action in accordance with its Report to the Creditors' Committee provided pursuant to the LI Order; and
c) the LI's request for an order authorizing the appointment of a litigation trustee to pursue the relief recommended in the Report, and related relief.

 Litigation Trustee Appointment Order (Revised)
 Litigation Trustee Appointment Order
November 05, 2018
 Notice of Motion re Litigation Trustee November 05, 2018

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