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Creditors’ Meeting – June 1, 2010

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The following reports have been filed in the proceedings:

 Monitor's Certificate August 23, 2010
Monitor's Certificate
 Monitor's Certificate July 12, 2010
Monitor's Certificate
 Sixth Report of the Monitor July 6, 2010 July 6, 2010
Report on the Implementation Letter Agreement
 Monitor's Fifth Report (Sanction) June 9, 2010
Monitor's Fifth Report (Sanction)
 Monitor's Fourth Report (Alcan Agreement) May 10, 2010
Report from the Monitor on the Alcan Agreement
 Monitor's Third Report (Plan and Meetings Order) May 10, 2010
Report from the Monitor on the proposed plan of compromise and arrangement as well as the proposed Creditor’s Meeting
 Monitor’s Second Report 03-15-2010 March 15, 2010
Reporting on the results of Phase I of the Marketing Process and of the permanent layoff of employees at the Applicant’s Richmond Hill and St. Therese facilities.
 First Report of the Monitor 02-23-2010 February 23, 2010
This Monitor’s report is in relation to the activities of the Applicant and the Monitor since the commencement of the CCAA Proceedings, the receipts and disbursements of the Applicant from the commencement of the CCAA Proceedings until February 19, 2010, a revised cash flow forecast for the period February 21, 2010 through June 6, 2010, the status of the Marketing Process, the status of the independent opinions on the validity and enforceability of the securities held by 324, Biscayne and HIG, the Applicant’s request for an order to approve the Claims Procedure, and the Applicant’s request for an extension of the Stay of Proceedings to May 14, 2010.
 Pre-Filing Report of the Proposed Monitor - Jan 28, 2010 January 28, 2010
Pre-Filing Report of the Proposed Monitor - Jan 28, 2010.

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