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Canwest Global Communications Corp - Claims Procedure

The Post-Filing Claims Procedure Implementation Date is November 26, 2010

 Notice of Dispute of Revision or Disallowance November 26, 2010
 Notice of Revision or Disallowance November 26, 2010
 Proof of Claim Form November 26, 2010
 Notice of Post-Filing Claims Procedure November 26, 2010
 Instruction Letter November 26, 2010
 Post-Filing Claims Procedure Order and Forms November 26, 2010

The Claims Procedure has been granted on October 14, 2009.

 Post-Filing Claims Procedure Order July 28, 2010
 Claims_Procedure_Order_Canwest - October 14, 2009 October 14, 2009
 Schedule K to the Claims Procedure Order - CMI Proof of Claim October 14, 2009
 Schedule L to the Claims Procedure Order Unknown Creditor, Proof of Claim Instruction Letter October 14, 2009
 Canwest Global Communications Corp. Creditor List, October 6, 2009 October 6, 2009

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