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DionyMed - Motion Materials

The following motion materials have been filed in the proceedings:

Application to the Court by the Receiver for an Order to, amongst other things, approve the sale transaction dated January 3, 2020 between the Receiver and Eaze Technologies, Inc.

 Application Requisition
 Notice of Application
 Affidavit of Sean H. Zweig
 Affidavit of Jeffrey Rosenberg
January 9, 2019
 Receiver's Application Record Index for the Receiver's application to be heard on November 26, 2019 November 26, 2019
 Motion by the Receiver for an Order of the Court seeking amongst other things: November 19, 2019
(a) abridging the time for service of this motion and that future service is only required to those on the service list;
(b) approving the actions, conduct and activities of the Receiver to November 19, 2019;
(c) approving the bidding procedures for the sale of the Company's Property;
(d) authorizing the Receiver to provide financing to Herban Industries Inc, to acquire the Gotham Green Debt and Security; and
(e) such further and other relief as requested.

Application by GLAS Americas LLC (the "Petitioner") to the Supreme Court of British Columbia for the appointment of a Receiver and Manager pursuant of all the assets, undertakings and properties of DionyMed Brands Inc. ("Dionymed")

 Petition Record Cover & Index
 Notice of Hearing
 Petition to the Court
 Affidavit of Yana Kislenko
October 25, 2019

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