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Carpathian - Court Orders

The following Court Orders have been granted in the proceedings:

 Receiver's Discharge Certificate May 2, 2016
 Receiver's Certificate April 29, 2016
Receiver's Certificate informing of the following; 1. The Purchaser has paid and the Receiver has received the Purchase Price for the Limited Receivership Assets payable on the Closing Date pursuant to the Sale Agreement. 2. The conditions to CLosing as set ou in articles 4 and 5 of the Sale Agreement have been satisfied or waived by the Recevier adn the Purchaser;and 3. The Transaction has been completed to the satisfaction of the Receiver.
 Discharge Order April 29, 2016
Order discharging FTI Consutling as Reciever of Carpathian.
 Approval and Vesting Order April 29, 2016
Approval and Vesting order approving the transaction and the execution of the Sale Agreement by the Receiver.
 Endorsement of Justice Newbould April 29, 2016
Endorsement of Justice Newbould
 Limited Receivership Order April 22, 2015
 Endorsement of Newbould J re Application for Receivership Order April 22, 2015

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