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 Skyservice Expense Report Template      April 6, 2010
If you are an employee enquiring about your WEPPA claim, please note that the Receiver is continuing to work with HRSDC (or Service Canada) to finalize the claims submitted.

Once Expense Reports are completed, please send the completed form along with original receipts to:
Skyservice Airlines
Attention: Tricia Tunney
31 Fasken Drive
Etobicoke, ON M9W 1K6

Skyservice Receivership: Employee FAQ’s
Employee Frequently asked questions about the Receivership.

1. When will I be receiving my ROE?
The ROEs are available for viewing and downloading at ( My Service Canada Account.

2. What is WEPPA/WEPP? How do I make a claim?

The Wage Earner Protection Program (WEPP) reimburses eligible workers for unpaid wages, vacation pay, severance pay and termination pay they are owed when their employer declares bankruptcy or becomes subject to a receivership under the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act. Additional information and the application can be found at the following website:

The Receiver has mailed out letters to each individual to employee who may have a claim under WEPP on April 28, 2010. The letters include a proof of claim, instructions on how to fill out a proof of claim and a schedule of unpaid eligible amounts as per the Company’s books and records. Attached is the letter that was sent out. WEPP Information Letter If you have any questions regarding the WEPP and process, after reviewing the attached/mailed letter and instructions, please call and leave a message at the Receiver’s hotline at 1-888-679-5969.

All proof of claim forms must be submitted to the Receiver as soon as possible. Proof of claims can be sent in one of three ways:

1. If you are able to scan the signed documents, you can email them to the Receiver at:, or

2. You can fax the documents to our office at fax number 416-649-8101, or

3. You can mail the documents to our address:

Attention: Claims Manager – Skyservice Receivership
FTI Consulting
79 Wellington Street West, Suite 2010, P.O. Box 104
Toronto Ontario M5K 1G8
3. What is the Estate ID?
The Estate ID is 31-456409

4. What happens to my benefit coverage?
Benefit coverage was terminated effective March 31, 2010. Any benefit claims that have not yet been filed with Sun Life relating to health benefits incurred prior to the date of the receivership will not be processed by Sun Life nor paid by Skyservice.
Benefit claims that were submitted and not yet processed by Sun Life will also not be processed by Sun Life nor paid by Skyservice.

5. What do I do with my Skyservice-related assets (i.e. uniform, manuals/documents, suitcase)?
All Skyservice related assets should be returned by employees to the Hanger 6 location in Toronto as soon as possible.
The Hanger address is:
Skyservice Airlines Inc.
2450 Derry Road East
Mississauga, ON
L5S 1B1

Contact FTI

FTI Consulting
TD Waterhouse Tower
79 Wellington Street West
Suite 2010, P.O. Box 104
Toronto, Ontario M5K 1G8

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