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Dominion Diamond Mines - Caseline Software Instructions


As you may already be aware from her comments during the past two hearings on Friday May 1, 2020 and Friday May 8 2020, Madame Justice Eidsvik has requested that the parties utilize a software called Caselines to manage documents in CCAA Action No. 2001-05630 (the "Action"). This is a functional case management software that acts as a repository for Court documents in the Action and allows for read time viewing of documents online.

As per Madame Justice Eidsvik's request, all parties are to upload their documents directly to case lines (instructions are included below). We will be requesting an order from Madame Justice Eidsvik which will deem all documents uploaded to Caselines as served on all parties on the service list. Please note that the Monitor will also be maintaining its website over the Course of the Action to allow for public access to filed documents.

The following is intended to provide an overview of signing up for Caselines and utilizing the software to upload/download and view documents in the Action. More information is available through the help functions in Caselines, including:

- FAQ's

- Contacting tech support with Caselines at

Additionally, two PDF's regarding registering/finding a case and downloading/uploading documents to assist you have been provided.

Please note that the cost to the Monitor for uploading documents is approximately $0.50 per page and therefore please only upload documents that would otherwise be served on the service list and please only upload one version of each document. For clarity, parties uploading documents will not be charged the fee, but the Monitor will be responsible for payment of all uploading costs. All internal formatting and organization of documents will be handled exclusively by the Monitor FTI Consulting and its counsel Bennett Jones LLP to ensure consistency. Should you encounter any issues that cannot be resolved with Caselines technical support, or through a further review of this email and the attached cheat sheets, please contact Brandi Swift of FTI Consulting ( and Michael Selnes of Bennett Jones LLP (

Signing up to Caselines
1) Follow the instructions in the "Caseline-Register Login & Find a Case" PDF document

a) Please note the link in the PDF is for the UK, please use this link for signing up and accessing the Canadian site: Caselines Canada
2) Each party on the service list will receive an email from which will contain a link to sign up for Caselines. Please ensure you email is set up to receive emails from this address, as it may appear in your junk mail or quarantine system.
3) The access email will contain a link to sign up for a Caselines account connected to your service list email address. Press this link, which will open a webpage to create your account. At this step, you will be asked for specific information including your job title (Barrister, assistant, paralegal, etc.), your name, phone number and access name. Please include all relevant information and click box to ensure your email address appears in the case information to confirm you are signed up.
4) Upon completion of your account creation, you will receive a verification email at your listed email address. Please click to verify your account immediately, as the verification email will expire in 2 days following creation.

System Access & Accessing Dominion Diamond Case
1) Once you have verified your account, you will be taken to the Home Screen for system access
2) From this home screen you will have access to seven different icons across the top of the page. To view the case created for this Action, click "View Case List"
3) You will then be moved to a screen showing different cases you have access to. In this instance, it should list "IN THE MATTER OF DOMINION DIAMOND MINES ULC, et al.". From here you can either click "Review Evidence" or "Update Case".

Reviewing, Downloading Documents
1) Reviewing Documents

a) Documents can be reviewed by clicking on the "Review Evidence Tab". This will create a new window that allows you to view documents in real time. Documents are listed by folder along the left side of the screen under headings analogous to those contained in the Monitor's website.

2) Download Documents

a) There are two main methods for downloading a specific document to your hard drive.
i) From the Review Screen, documents can be downloaded by clicking on the download" icon at the top of the screen while accessing a document.
ii) From the Update Case Screen, documents can be downloaded by selecting the "Index" bubble and then by clicking on "PDF" for the relevant document.

3) Uploading Documents

a) All documents are to be uploaded by parties to the Action into the folder entitled "Uploads". FTI/Bennett Jones will relocate the documents to the proper folder to ensure all files are consistently labelled and located.
i) Please click the following link to upload your documents. You will be taken the upload screen directly Caselines Upload
ii) Click on the "Sections" income from the Homepage. It will list the relevant sections, including "Upload Folder". Click on the "Upload Documents" button to upload them into the "Upload Folder".
iii) You will be taken to the upload screen, where you can drag and drop pdfs to be uploaded from your hard drive into the screen stating "drag files here". After dragging all files to be uploaded, click "Start Upload" and the uploading will be completed automatically. It will confirm when documents are uploaded.

Notification of New Documents
Once the case is fully up and running, upon files being located into their proper folder, a notification will be sent via email to your listed email address indicating that a new file is uploaded. We are currently having some technical difficulties which we are working with Caselines to resolve in relation to these email notices and they may not be sent initially. Therefore, we encourage you to check into the program frequently until further notice (we will advise when emails start being provided) and to click on the bell icon in the top right corner of the home screen, which provides a running summary of newly uploaded documents.

 Caseline - Register Login & Find a Case
 Caseline - Download and Upload Documents

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