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Banro Corporation - Court Orders

The following Court Orders have been granted in the proceedings:

August 5, 2020
 Monitor's Certificate May 04, 2018
 Endorsement of Justice Wilton-Siegel re Stay Extension Order (April 23,2018) April 23, 2018
 Order extending the Stay Period until June 1, 2018 and approving the Fifth Report of the Monitor April 23, 2018
 Banro Corporation Endorsement (March 29, 2018) March 29, 2018
 Plan Sanction Order March 27, 2018
 Endorsement, Hainey, J - March 12, 2018 March 12, 2018
 Endorsement of Justice Hainey re Claims Procedure and Meeting Orders February 01, 2018
 Meeting Order February 01, 2018
 Claims Procedure Order February 01, 2018
 Endorsement of Justice Hainey January 18, 2018

Endorsement of Justice Hainey in respect of a Motion for the Issuance of the SISP Approval Order and Stay Extension and CCAA Charges Priority Order.

 Stay Extension and CCAA Charges Priority Order January 18, 2018
 SISP Approval Order January 18, 2018
 Initial Order December 22, 2017

Initial Order granting CCAA protection to Banro Corporation, Banro Group (Barbados) Limited, Banro Congo (Barbados) Limited, Namoya (Barbados) Limited, Lugushwa (Barados) Limited, Twangiza (Barbados) Limited and Kamituga (Barbados) Limited (together, the "Applicants") until January 19, 2018.

 Endorsement of Justice Hainey, J. December 22, 2017

Endorsement of Justice Hainey, J. in respect of a Motion for the Issuance of an Initial Order


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