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Energold Drilling - Motion Materials

The following motion materials have been filed in the proceedings:

 Notice of Application of the Monitor (Fee Approval)
 Affidavit #1 of Lance Williams
 Affidavit #1 of Thomas Powell
 Application Record Index
February 3, 2020

 Notice of Application (Part 1) - Sanction and Vesting Orders
 Notice of Application (Part 2) - Sanction and Vesting Orders
 Notice of Application (Part 3) - Sanction and Vesting Orders
January 14, 2020

 Notice of Application - Stay Extension dated January 13, 2020
 Affidavit #3 of Matthew Freeman dated January 13, 2020
January 13, 2020

 Notice of Application - Meeting Order
 Affidavit #5 of Mark Berger
 Affidavit #2 of Mike Bell
 Affidavit #2 of Matthew Freeman
 Revised form of Meeting Order with Plan of Compromise and Arrangement
 Blackline of revised Plan against version included in Notice of Application
December 18, 2019
 Notice of Application - Stay Extension November 28, 2019
 Affidavit #1 of Matthew Freeman November 28, 2019

 Application - Critical Supplier
 Affidavit #4 of Mark Berger
October 25, 2019

 Application for Stay Extension
 Affidavit #3 of Mark Berger
October 10, 2019

 Petition to the Court - Application for Initial Order, Sales Solicitation Process and Sale Approval and Vesting Order
 Affidavit of Frederick W. Davidson
 Affidavit of Mark Berger
 Affidavit of Mike Bell
 Affidavit of Randall Lau
 Affidavit of Parvathi Shivakumar
September 13, 2019

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