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Dundee Energy Limited Partnership/Dundee Oil and Gas Limited - Reports

The following reports have been filed in the proceedings:

 Fourth Report of the Proposal Trustee February 7, 2018

 Third Report of the Proposal Trustee January 22, 2018

Please find attached the Third Report of the Proposal Trustee in connection with the Applicants' motion returnable January 25, 2018 at 9:30am, which is hereby served upon you pursuant to the Rules of Civil Procedure.

 Supplement to the Second Report of the Proposal Trustee December 05, 2017

 Second Report of the Proposal Trustee December 04, 2017

 First Report of the Proposal Trustee October 24, 2017

The purpose of the First Proposal Trustee Report is to provide the Court with an update on:
a) Dundee's operations since the Filing Date;
b) the Proposal Trustee's activities since the Filing Date;
c) the first phase ("Phase 1") of the BIA SSP;
d) the receipts and disbursements of Dundee for the nine-week period ended October 13, 2017, as compared to Dundee's cash flow forecast filed with the Court on August 25, 2017;
e) the Proposal Trustee's review of Dundee's updated cash flow forecast for the period ending January 12, 2018;
f) the proposed extension of the Stay Period until December 15, 2017; and
g) the Proposal Trustee's conclusions and recommendations in connection with the foregoing.


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